Pre-K/ Kindergarten

Bright Learners Private School offers a robust Kindergarten curriculum following the Common Core standards from the state of Massachusetts.

Our approach to learning in Kindergarten is inspired by Reggio Emilia which features a play-based, inquiry-based approach to learning. This pedagogical approach fosters holistic development for young learners supporting them as they develop, academically, socially and emotionally. At Bright Learners, teachers prepare learning experiences that support learners as they develop their own understanding of the world around them through self-discovery and exploration.

Our main focuses are communication, literacy, language development, and personal, social and emotional development.

These prime areas are strengthened and applied through: Literacy, Mathematics, and Science. Teacher to student interactions are key for expanding and deepening learning. Our teachers are keen to identify teachable moments so they can extend learning through the scope of the child’s interests. We aim to develop learners’ voice, autonomy, risk-taking and independence for learning.

Key features - KG

  • understand the importance of safe-guarding in school
  • be aware of indicators of child abuse
  • follow the correct systems and procedures if they suspect abuse
  • follow the correct systems and procedures if a child discloses information to them

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