Parent Testimonials

Bright Learners’ teachers have not only accepted my son, but have embraced and encouraged him to be who he is. It amazes me how well his teachers have assessed and fostered his strengths, and identified and created an action plan for his areas of opportunity. My son is happy and excited to go to school everyday and I’m certain it’s because of the school’s uplifting environment. Thank you Bright Learners.

Abdelrahman Moussa

My kids are always happy to go to school and full of smiles when we pick them up. The teachers are professional, caring and well organized. They enjoy their time in school and learning new things each and everyday. They participate in a variety of activities , events and enjoy both their teachers and classmates company.

I always feel that the school creates a very positive approach in general, which seems to run throughout the school and is very evident if you attend any school events. There is a strong sense of community/ family. Students are fully supported and parents are kept up to date with strong communication, which for me makes it all feel very joined up.

Chirine Ibrahim Eid 

My daughter is in the school since last year, comfortable welcoming environment, she is progressing very well in core subjects ( English, Math, Science) in addition I am glad she's taking Arabic & Islamic since KG1 which is important for us.

Zaian Jallad

Good school... Reasonable fee... Dedicated teachers. I have my 2 children studying in this school and l have seen a vast improvement in them. Very friendly and very helpful administrative staff and teachers...highly recommended.

Ramy Odeh

One of the best things that we have done was enrolling our son in this school ! Hardworking, kind and caring teachers and staffs. Experienced and expert management team. The size of the school is quite large with all the facilities which we could wish for. In addition to all of these they do have a very reasonable tuition fees. I recommend them without a doubt.

Hamid Riza

I moved my home to home just to put my child in this school. The staff is amazing , humble and cooperative, I like the way they are teaching it’s very engaging for the students.