Home Learning

Home learning is a natural part of school to enhance and reinforce concepts taught in school.

We believe any homework sent home should foster a positive interaction between child and parent where the parent can add to their child’s knowledge and understanding. Most homework is to practice foundation skills such as phonics, reading, math facts, and vocabulary. When families help reinforce these essential skills, students are more successful at application of these skills in school.

  • Reading for 15-20 minutes each night is expected in all grade levels (shared or independent reading activities). This time may increase in the older grades.
  • Math activities to reinforce numeracy, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts..
  • Arabic and English writing.
  • The use of various apps and websites that will reinforce skills and provide opportunities for students to work independently (Seesaw, RAZ Kids, Lalilo, Zearn, Prodigy math, Kahoot, IXL, Education Perfect, Bravo Bravo, Epic, etc).
  • Collecting materials for in-school projects.
  • Preparing for presentations and assessments.
  • Makeup work from absences.