Arabic and Islamic Studies

Our motto is "Honoring the past, living in the present, and leaping to the future" which encapsulates our preservation of the rich tradition and legacy of the UAE combined with Islamic values.

Emirati student’s identity, language, culture and aspirations are valued, developed and our community works to integrate traditional concepts and more in daily teaching and learning. The curriculum framework of the Arabic Language is fully compliant with the UAE Ministry of Education curriculum. Learning Arabic for native and non-native speakers is compulsory from grade 1. To help students build a strong foundation in the Arabic language, students begin learning oral and phonetic Arabic from KG1. The MOE curriculum is enhanced with research, projects, and engaging activities to help all students master the Arabic language through speaking and listening, reading, and writing.

“Bright Learners Private School is steeped in Emirati culture and we have a deep respect and honor for Islamic values.”

Bright Learners provides Islamic Studies for all Muslim students starting in KG1 using the UAE Ministry of Education curriculum of Islamic Studies for Muslims.

Non-native speakers of Arabic are offered the Islamic curriculum in English. The curriculum is built on exploring verses of the Holy Quran and the sayings of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). It aims to give pupils a clear, thorough understanding of Islamic teachings, moral behavior, and Islamic etiquette.

Students are also introduced to important figures in Islamic history, such as the Prophets, and they also learn about Muslim contributions to modern Science, Math, and other fields. Students are provided with ample opportunities to share their learning in assemblies, research projects, and competitions.