Bright Learners Private School takes pride in being an inclusive school that aims to raise a community culture of acceptance that is a safe place for all students.  We are advocates for inclusion and we are committed to understanding and catering for each student’s individualized needs. At Bright Learners, we proudly and eagerly comply with UAE law that supports inclusive education, utilizing it in ways that empower our students. All students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) are welcome to join our community after undergoing the standard procedures of school admission and entry assessment.  Based on the outcomes of the assessment and in class observations, an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) is created for every student who requires support from our inclusion unit. Our inclusion team is highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated to provide support in class and during pull-outs in 1:1 and group interventions. IEPs are created in collaboration between the inclusion leader, the homeroom teacher, the parents, and any additional sources when applicable. IEPs are strictly personalized, monitored, and evaluated consistently by our inclusion team, through the year, via a highly structured system and daily procedures. As firm believers in inclusion, Bright Learners Private School will always provide equal opportunities to all its students helping them reach their utmost potential to succeed in life.