About Us


Bright Learners Private School, opening August 2020 is conveniently located in the heart of Dubai in Al Rashidiya. Following an American curriculum, Bright Learners Private School provides Dubai residents affordable schooling led by highly qualified American teachers. Our spacious, open and newly remodeled campus will serve students from PreK through Grade 5, with future plans to further expand and offer levels up to 12th grade. Prospective members of the school’s community will immediately notice that Bright Learners Private School is dedicated to academic excellence and ensuring a bright future for every child.

Our mission at Bright Learners Private School’s is to nurture creative, inspired, collaborative, and innovative learners who are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and skill to make a positive impact on themselves and their environment in a local, national and global context. Through a comprehensive education, parents can expect their children to receive learning experiences designed to promote their maximum potential. Bright Learners Private School’s goal is to teach young minds how to become global citizens, be curious about their world, think critically, solve problems, and become independent learners.


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